Vila Lanna

V Sadech 1
Praha 6

GPS: 50° 6' 9.022"N, 14° 24' 25.341"E  (see also the maps below)

How to get there (public transport):
The city of Prague has an excellent public transport system. From the airport you can take the bus 119 (operating day and night) to the last stop "Nádraží Veleslavín". Change to the tram 20 or 26 (going down you will have a nice view of Prague) or to the metro line A and go to the station "Hradčanská". Then it´s only 10 minutes walk: Comming with the tram, you have to cross the tram and train tracks, then walk  slightly to the right, at your left you should have the cafe "Potrvá". After keep going straight, cross the main street Pod kaštany and go down Pelléova street to the end, passing the Chinese Embassy. Vila Lanna is the beautiful building in front of you.

Comming with the metro to the station "Hradčanská", take the climbing stairs to the vestibul, then one other climbing stairs to the street level. Then cross the train tracks and follow the same instructions.

From the main train station take the metro C to the station "Museum", change to the green line A and go to station "Hradčanská".

Tickets can be purchased from vending machines or in tobaccos, in some busses or trams you can also pay with your credit card. Ticket price is 32 CZK (90 min. ticket) or 24 CZK (30 min ticket). Further information about the public transport in Prague you can find here.



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