Thursday 12 September 2019


8:45  Registration

9:00  Opening of the conference

9:00 Opening

Opening paper

9:10 Petr Pokorný / Protestant Theological Faculty, Prague

Greek Heritage Reinterpreted by Jews and Christians

Keynote speaker

9:30   Anders Klostergaard Petersen / University of Aarhus

Hellenism as a Socio-Cultural Precondition for Israelitic Religion and Early Christ-Religion. Evolutionary Reflections on the Topic


Coffee break

Session 1

10:50  Nina V. Braginskaya - Anna I.Shmaina-Velikanova / National Research University Higher School
of Economics, Moscow - Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow

 Eusebes logismos: Crossroad of Hellenistic, Jewish and Christian Thought

11:15  David Cielontko / Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

  Cosmology of the Parables of Enoch

11:40  Barbara Crostini / Uppsala University

  Praying with the Jews: Hesychios of Jerusalem’s Glosses on the Ode of Manasseh



Session 2

14:00  Ana Carolina Delgado, / Argentinian Research Council – Universidad del Salvador

  Ist der pädagogische Mythos von Philon eine „edle Lüge“?

14:25  Jiří Hoblík / Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

 Power and Powers in Philo of Alexandria: Philo of Alexandria as a Philosophical Interpreter
of the Bible

14:50  Damian Mrugalski, OP / Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Krakow

The Notion of Divine Infinity and Unknowability: Philo, Clement and Origen of Alexandria
in a Polemic with Greek Philosophy


Coffee break


Session 3

15:50  Juraj Franek / Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

  Seal of Solomon in Greek Epigraphy

16:15  Lili Toth / Central European University, Budapest

The Leading Role of Hellenization on the Creation of Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Iconography:
The Creation of Man on a Painted Textile from the 4th Century Egypt


16:50  Alex Hon Ho, Ip / Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hellenism as Economic Informal Institution to Reduce Transaction Cost in the Development Stage
of Early Christianity in the Light of New Institutional Economics



Friday 13 September 2019


Keynote speaker

9:30  Ilaria L. E. Ramelli / University of Oxford

Origen’s Philosophical Allegoresis of Scripture and Connections with Platonism


Coffee break


Session 4

10:50  Waldemar Linke, CP / Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

 Jesus Christ, Glory and Knowledge. Eph 1:15-23: Christian Judaic or Hellenistic Text?

11:15  Doru Constantin Doroftei / University of Hamburg – University of Tübingen

The Eucharist of the Early Church as a Jewish-Hellenistic Synthesis of the Jerusalem Temple Cult

11:40  Jan M. Kozlowski / University of Warsaw

Resurrection in the Intertext. Pagan Sources of Paul’s Areopagus Speech (Acts 17:22-31)




Keynote speaker

14:00  Daniel Boyarin / University of California, Berkeley

  A Surprising Confluence between Mark and Paul



Session 5

15:00  Jan A. Dus / Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

  Biblical Quotations in Pseudo-Ignatius' Letters

15:25  Radka Fialová / Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

  The Figure of Socrates and the True Philosophy in the Works of Justin Martyr


Coffee break


Session 6

16:20  Alison John / Ghent University

Church Schools of Late Antique Gaul: Traditions of Hellenistic, Roman, and Jewish Learning

16:45  Manolis Spanakis / University of Cyprus

Interpretations of Gregory of Nyssa’s Five Stages of the Spiritual Life in the Metaphrasis Psalmorum
by Ps.-Apollinarius



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